Replacing Google reader, part 2

2 Weeks ago, I wrote about replacing Google reader on my blog and promised to get back to you with the results of the 2 alternatives I've been trying out: Owncloud news and Friendica's RSS functionality.

The outcome was decided pretty naturally and it also surprises me a little.  Though Friendica's RSS features is really nice, I ended up using both!

Most of my RSS feeds are technology sites and they ended up in Owncloud News (which fully imported my Google Reader list in less than a minute).  OC Reader also has a nice Android app to complement it and that makes it so great.

But I did discover that some feeds like Dilbert and xkcd (comics) seemed to naturally belong in Friendica, where I could also share them immediately with friends.  So, my Feeds are ending up divided between the two systems.

In the end, Google did me a favor by cutting reader, and in the wake of the US PRSM program, I will take my indepence from these cloud providers a step further (stay tuned).